Registration page for KFGC live fire practice night


The following registration is for us to better facilitate our live fire practice nights. We need a commitment from you for your attendance so we may schedule the necessary personnel to safely conduct the practice.

Registration must be completed the Friday before the practice date.

Student flights (course of fire) will be filled on a first come first served basis

  1. Eye and ear protection and brimmed hat is required
  2. Firearms will be unloaded and cased prior to arrival
  3. Put on your holster before going to the SAFE area
  4. Proceed to SAFE area for an RSO to check your firearm (NO ammunition allowed in SAFE area)
  5. Once your firearm is checked, you’ll be instructed to place it in your holster. It will REMAIN there until instructed to remove it.
  6. Firing line positions will have at least six feet separation
  7. Tables will be sprayed with sanitizer between students
  8. Social distancing required for anyone waiting
  9. Remove any personal discarded materials with you (pack in-pack out)
  10. Students will be taken on a first come basis
  11. Prior to leaving, an RSO will clear your firearm at the SAFE area
  12. Further instructions will be given on site
  13. Investment for practice session is $10.00
  14. September time will be 5PM to 7PM at Fort Misery (follow signs) If inclement weather practice will be at the pistol shack.
  15. Time permitting, you WILL be able to go through the course of fire MORE than once. You could also run into a problem which necessitates you needing additional rounds (a gun/ammo malfunction or whatever). With these things in mind, it is strongly recommended that you bring at least 100-150 rounds with you to maximize your practice time. (Required two (2) magazines)


I Agree and Accept these terms