Register with us for the Saratoga County Advanced (unrestricted) Pistol Permit Course by filling out the form below.
All applicants MUST have a valid "Hunting/Target" pistol license for at least 1 year prior to applying for this course.

YOUR ENROLLMENT AND PARTICIPATION IN THIS COURSE DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT AN UNRESTRICTED CONCEALED CARRY LICENSE WILL BE ISSUED TO YOU!   Failure to show up and attend your scheduled course date WILL result in complete forfeiture of  the $200 dollar fee. Also, we reserve the right to postpone/cancel a date due to an insufficient number of students.   Successful completion of this course is just one of several requirements mandated by the issuing authority when applying for an unrestricted concealed carry license in Saratoga County.   Once you have successfully completed/passed the entire Advanced Firearms Course (both the written test AND the live-fire/safe gun handling range work), you must submit an amendment form to the Sheriff’s Office in which you request the issuance of an unrestricted concealed carry license. The submission of this amendment initiates a completely NEW, in-depth background investigation.   Even one prior arrest (including DWI/DWAI/DWAI-Drug) at any time in your history may be considered justifiable cause by the issuing officer as reason for denial of an unrestricted concealed carry license, regardless of disclosure and detailed explanation of the event. Please be advised that each application is judged on its own merit, but, historically, an individual with even just one prior arrest has given the issuing authority serious concern when determining whether to issue an unrestricted concealed carry license.   Please read the entire “Background Investigation” document linked below and CAREFULLY and FULLY consider ALL of the information included therein PRIOR to enrolling in the Advanced Firearms Course as it requires a significant investment of your time and resources.   And Remember… ISSUANCE OF THE UNRESTRICTED LICENSE IS AT THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE LICENSING OFFICER AND IS NOT GUARANTEED!    

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