Saratoga County Advanced (unrestricted) Pistol Course



To qualify to take this course, you must be a current resident of Saratoga County and have had your restricted (Hunting/Target) pistol license for a minimum of one year. Course fee: The required $200 course fee is payable online. (follow register here link)

Students should arrive at the Kayaderosseras Fish & Gun Club’s clubhouse (706 Geyser Rd., Ballston Spa, NY 12020) for check-in at 8:00 AM on the day of the class. The class will start promptly at 8:30 AM and last until approximately 4:30 M.This eight (8) hour course will consist of three core components: 1) Best practices of safe gun handling, shooting fundamentals, storage and maintenance of firearms. 2) Classroom instruction in the law (Article 35 of NYS Penal Law – Use of Force, NYS SAFE Act of 2013, and other NYS firearm rules and regulations) – includes written exam. 3) Live-fire range practice and qualification. Participants must achieve a minimum score of 85% on the written exam and a minimum score of 85% on the live-fire qualification to successfully complete the course. Those who fail the written exam will NOT be permitted to continue with the shooting range portion of the course. Applicants must show they can safely operate, handle and store their firearm at all times during their course participation. Any participant who fails to follow the best practices of firearm safety will be summarily dismissed from the course without refund. It is strongly recommended each applicant engage in substantial practice in the safe handling and firing of his/her firearm prior to taking this course. Class instruction alone on safe and proficient ways to operate a firearm may be insufficient for the applicant to properly prepare to pass the live-fire component of the course. KF&G holds live-fire practice for registered students as preparation for this course for a $10 (club members $5) fee. See separate “Live-Fire Practice Dates & Info” document for dates and times. NOTE: The successful completion of this course does NOT guarantee the licensing officer will issue the applicant an unrestricted license. The applicant’s failure may qualify as “good cause” for the denial of an unrestricted license.



THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO FIREARMS OR AMMUNITION ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM. Please leave all firearms, ammunition, and other equipment locked in your vehicle until such time as you are instructed to do otherwise. You MUST bring your firearm to the course unloaded and properly secured in either a hard or soft case. The firearm must be clean and in safe operating condition. Cell phones MUST be left in your vehicle. They will be available to students during scheduled breaks ONLY. Cell phone use during the course is strictly prohibited.


  • Pistol of your choice (Barrel length of 8” or less. Centerfire only – NO .22s ALLOWED. This does NOT have to be the pistol you plan to carry concealed. It should be the pistol you are most familiar with and most proficient in using.)
  • For semi-automatic pistols: Minimum of 2 magazines •For revolvers: Speed loaders are HIGHLY recommended. •150 rounds of commercially available ammunition (no reloads allowed)
  • Hearing protection (electronic hearing protection STRONGLY recommended)
  • Eye protection
  • Belt capable of supporting your holstered pistol
  • Belt-style holster for use with your personal firearm
  • Driver’s License (current and valid)
  • Pistol License
  • Notepad
  • Black pen
  • Lunch and water for ypurself
  • Face covering